The Hive Totem Collective is a digital space that showcases young creativity.

It was commissioned in 2020 by B&NES Hospital Education and Reintegration Services, and is curated by Brave Bold Drama, an award-winning Bristol-based theatre and community arts company. It presents creative work made by young people whilst they are working with the Hospital Education and Reintegration Services.

The name of this collective emerged from a socially distanced puppet-making workshop Brave Bold Drama ran with some young people in July 2020. During this workshop the young people discussed possible names for this new showcase. The young people spoke about the base where they sometimes work with their tutors, called The Hive. The word "totem" also came up during the discussion. In Anishinaabe cultures, the word 'doodem' (from where 'totem' derives) means "an expression of your heart" and also means the place where knowledge can be shared between clan members.

The Hive Totem Collective celebrates and showcases the 'expressions of the heart' or creativity of young people, and is also a space for young people to learn creative skills from each other.

Brave Bold Drama work to dismantle barriers that can prevent people from accessing the arts, exploring new cultures and enjoying their own creativity. See more of their work at www.bravebolddrama.co.uk